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  • Engine Mechanical Faults VW 118 TSI 1.4-litre engine

    Engine Mechanical Faults VW 118 TSI 1.4-litre engine

    The VW 118 TSI 1.4-litre engine in the Golf and Jetta is both a supercharging and a turbocharged engine. This is to help deliver the torque of a 2.0-litre with the economy of a smaller-capacity engine and has been voted international engine of the year, twice. Unfortunately, despite the praises, the TSI engine has a critical weakness with the pistons and ECU software.

  • Timing Belts & Chains

    Timing Belts & Chains

    Timing belts are common place in a lot of manufacturers’ vehicles but they all have different replacement intervals. At Autohaus Northshore we work mostly on German and Swedish vehicles, so let’s focus on those.

  • Braking News!

    Braking News!

    As a critical component of any vehicle, it is not worth risking the performance and safety of your car by purchasing cheap or inferior brakes or brake parts. However, buying brakes through a dealer, especially for European cars, can be a very costly experience.

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