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Enhanced Vehicle Performance

Advanced vehicle ECU remapping

ECU Remapping

Autohaus Northshore offers an exciting new service to enhance the performance of your vehicle

Autohaus Northshore now offers a safe, affordable way to improve your car’s performance, which will boost engine power, increase fuel economy and enhance your driving experience.

It is called ECU remapping or ECU tuning and is based on petrol and diesel engine remapping and tuning, using technology from the Quantum Advanced ECU Software.

What is ECU?

ECU Remapping

All modern cars and vans on the road today have an Engine Control Unit (ECU). This ECU is comparable to the engines ‘brain’ and contains a processor that takes information from a multitude of sensors throughout the engine. These sensors include the coolant temperature, accelerator pedal angle, air flow into the engine, oxygen sensor signal from the burnt exhaust temperatures, as well as many more parameters.

Using the information from these sensors it can then add the right quantity of fuel, at just the right time to provide an accurate mix of fuel economy, performance and emission control.

What is ECU Remapping?

Vehicle manufacturers have to produce a ‘average’ map for engine ECU’s which will suit a broad range of differing pollution laws, weather conditions, fuel qualities and possibly inadequate servicing of its vehicles. Ultimately, you’re left with inferior mapping which compromises the performance of your vehicle.

ECU remapping analyses the ECU processing chip of the vehicle’s standard map and adjusts various parameters within the map such:

  • fuel pressure
  • boost pressure (on turbocharged applications)
  • ignition advance curves
  • throttle pedal response, amongst other items

...to release greater performance from your vehicle’s engine, in a cost-effective manner.

Every engine will have its own unique map and by adjusting this, we can fine tune the characteristics of the engine; unleash more power, in a safe manner and in many cases reduce fuel consumption.

ECU Remapping

Benefits of ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping

ECU remapping will not only improve the engine’s power and torque figures; it will also sharpen the throttle response and widen the power-band, which in turn will make the vehicle feel a lot livelier to drive and the engine more flexible. Frequently, the vehicle’s power output is restricted by the manufacturer so it suits a wide variety of countries and driving styles.

If you do not need or want such restrictions placed on your vehicle’s ECU, you can benefit from the hidden power and torque locked away within your engine management system.

The other main benefit of remapping will be a reduction in fuel consumption. With the extra torque, especially at the bottom of the rev range you will see a fuel saving, as it will require less throttle input to maintain motorway speeds, so you can drive in a higher gear at a slower speed as well as helping significantly when fully laden, towing or on gradients and even in start/stop traffic.

ECU Remapping benefits for turbocharged diesel engines

Many see the modern variety of Turbocharged Common Rail diesels, as the future of road car tuning. These engines offer fantastic potential for reliable low cost tuning without removing any of the appeal of buying and running a turbo diesel powered vehicle, such as economy, reliability and longevity.

After your ECU upgrade to your turbocharged diesel engine, you will enjoy:

  • Increased horsepower
  • Increased torque
  • Better throttle response
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Safer overtaking

ECU Remapping benefits for turbocharged petrol engines

Turbocharged petrol engines have always been regarded as the sports flagship engine for good reason. They boast far higher power & torque figures than a non-turbocharged power plant.

ECU Remapping

Many manufacturers are now using small capacity petrol engines with variable vane technology turbocharging, producing surprising performance and economy. Both these engine types are ideal candidates for remapping as the ECU also controls the waste gate (turbo boost pressure control) and unleashing the engine potential.

After your ECU upgrade to your turbocharged petrol engine, you will enjoy:

  • Increased horsepower
  • Increased torque
  • Better throttle response
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Safer overtaking

And it’s so much more fun to drive your car when it’s extra power and drivability unleashed!

ECU Remapping benefits for non-turbocharged petrol engines

The non turbo-charged petrol engine can still benefit from an 8-15% power increase with added torque by careful reprogramming of various engine parameters within the map. Parameters such as the fuel and ignition curves can be fine-tuned to give better power and torque output. On some engines the variable camshaft timing can also be tuned within the map, giving additional improvements. Not having a turbocharger is a restricting factor in the engine’s remapping.

What else can you do?

In many cases, ‘after-market’ tuning items such as high flow exhausts, high flow air filters, cold air take systems and re-profiled camshafts can only be fully utilised by the engine once the necessary adjustments have been made within the ECU. Careful recalibration of the correct maps can unlock the potential of your new engine parts. Further power gains may also be available when a higher octane fuel is used, allowing for more ignition timing.

The most bang for your buck starts with an efficient remap of your engine ECU.

Saving fuel with ECU remap?

When we remap a vehicle, especially when fuel-saving is the priority, we focus on improving the low end torque (the engine’s pulling power). We also focus on widening the power-band as far as we can. The less effort you need to place on the accelerator pedal, the less your fuel consumption will be.

This increase in low end torque will mean less throttle pedal input is required to maintain cruising speeds, when fully laden or when on a hill. It will also mean that the vehicle will be more comfortable in higher gears at slower speeds as well requiring fewer gear changes overall.

If you combine these factors with adjusting your driving style to make the most of the extra low end torque you will see an improvement in fuel consumption. This is most effective on turbo-diesel engines where the savings could be as much as 20%!

What do you actually modify in my vehicle?

We do not change any hardware in your vehicle, we just modify the operating parameters in the ECU’s program or ‘map’. In many cases the map stored on the ECU’s processor can be accessed via the on-board diagnostics port (OBD).

In some newer models the ECU will have to be removed from the vehicle and the casing opened. Our technicians will then use specialist tools to read the original map straight from the processing chip.

The technician will then upload the original map to our map writing team who will adjust the parameters to maximise the performance, fuel economy or a clever blend of both. At any time, you wish to return your vehicles ECU to its original default settings, this can be done easily and free of charge as we keep a copy of the original software as a backup for twelve months.

Cost-effective enhancement

The cost of having your engine remapped varies slightly between car models. You could spend a great deal of money on engine modifications but the ECU Mapping is by far the simplest and most cost-effective way to gain extra engine performance.

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