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Autohaus Northshore - The European Car Experts You Can Trust

Autohaus Northshore was established fourteen years ago as an independent European car workshop by Nigel Hook, who has over 26 years' experience in European cars. He has worked in leading dealerships and received factory training from European manufacturers in Sydney. In addition, he has worked in the automotive industry in London and San Francisco. His depth and breadth of experience in European cars is second to none.

At Autohaus Northshore, we believe it's our duty to help you protect your European vehicle - a valuable asset - while providing unparalleled value. This is a serious commitment we make to our customers. In summary, we believe you want:

  • an accurate diagnosis
  • options on how to repair your car
  • correct repairs based on what was asked for
  • reliable parts and superior oils and additives used
  • open communication
  • fair pricing and
  • keeping to your budget

Our customers keep coming back because we keep trying to provide unparalleled value and it is our on-going promise to continue to do this.

As an independent European car workshop, specializing in the repair and service of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen (VW), Volvo and Skoda, we are your best alternative to dealers. This is only one of 12 Reasons to Choose Us .

We know our customers value their European cars and want to look after them but do not want to pay exorbitant prices. As a customer of ours said to her friends:

"Back in November 1999, Nigel Hook, the director of the company called "Autohaus Northshore Pty Ltd" purchased and took over the car workshop known as "Hornsby Eastside Automotives" (previously owned and run by Glenn Gribble, who was a one-man band). Hornsby Eastside Automotives looked after just 1 of our vehicles--a 1990 Falcon XF Panel Van.

Soon after taking over, Nigel changed the name of the business to "Autohaus Northshore", as it is known today. Nigel made claims that he could service almost any vehicle. He seemed pretty sure of himself, so I thought I'd test him out. I told him that I had a 1982 Porsche 911 SC, a 1994 BMW 540i and a 1997 BMW 323i. Within 9 months he was competently looking after all the cars - A one stop shop, convenient to home instead of travelling all over Sydney!

In November 2007 we purchased an Audi RS4 (high performance vehicle) and found that Nigel had no problem looking after it.

Today, Autohaus Northshore is our family "car doctor" servicing and maintaining our 8 vehicles - the latest being a 2013 BMW M135i. Nigel and his team have been incredibly reliable over our 14 year relationship.

I've found Nigel to be invaluable to the maintenance and upkeep of my cars. He has been more thorough than any dealer, and capable of solving problems the dealers were unable to address because they simply didn't have the expertise, particularly in older models. For example, Nigel rectified and made the air conditioning in the Porsche 911 SC functional.

I would (and do) highly recommend Autohaus Northshore for your daily drive or exotic vehicle."

Don T. Chip

Exceptional European car service without the dealer price

Our Team

  • Nigel Hook

    Nigel Hook Proprietor and Service Manager

    Over 26 years' experience in European cars.

  • Rohan Norgaard

    Rohan Norgaard Service Advisor


  • Simon Hill

    Simon Hill Senior Technician


  • Mark Hoggbin

    Mark Hoggbin Senior Technician


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