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ARC License AU10330

We specialise in air conditioning systems for all European cars, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Volvo.

Our licenced air-conditioning technicians, with their knowledge and the latest diagnostic equipment can diagnose and solve all system problems, whether they are electronic or mechanical.

We use high quality air-conditioning parts, supplied by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

The cost of a regular inspection and re-gassing starts from as little as $190.

Call to make an appointment on 02 9987 4747 or 9987 1522 or submit an inquiry through the website.

Please Note

If your car is an earlier model, the air conditioning body most likely uses a refrigerant called R12. This R12 refrigerant contains fluorocarbons / CFC’s and it is important to operate the air conditioner for up to 5 minutes each week to prevent the system seals from drying out and leaking this non environmentally-friendly substance into the atmosphere.

If your car is a later model, then you’re in luck – as newer models use a CFC free refrigerant known as R134a, which is far less damaging to the environment.

At Autohaus Northshore, we strongly suggest to regularly service your car air conditioner. This helps ensure that your air conditioner system is running efficiently without releasing threatening substances into the environment.

Autohaus Northshore will gladly service you car air conditioner, as well as re-gas the system. We can also provide you with any advice you may need about car air conditioning.

Feel free to contact us today on 02 9987 4747 to discuss any inquiries about our European car service and air conditioning car service.

What Customers Say About Us

Very happy with their overall customer service and the quality of their work. Got my Golf serviced there recently and price was half of what I was being quoted by the dealer. These guys seem to know what they are doing. I had an air-con noise issue that I mentioned to them, they were happy for me to drop by and have it checked out. The guy basically identified the problem within seconds just by listening to the air-con and ended up fixing it (small re-gas for $27). Done!

Syed Jaffry
Audi Owner

Good honest and reliable mechanics. Know their stuff , have helped me with several Volvos , BMW’s , Porsche Cayenne. No $$ surprises and on time. Car is clean and tidy to boot.

Alex Brittan
Porsche & Volvo Owner

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