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  • I have been getting my car serviced by Nigel and the boys at Autohaus for the last 8 years and wouldn’t take my car anywhere else. Their service is always excellent - both with the work they do on my car and dealing with them over the phone with any customer service. Always friendly and very professional. Can’t recommend highly enough.

    Vicki Witcombe
    Volkswagen Owner

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    Our Volkswagen Service

    Autohaus Northshore can provide you with the expert technical advise you need for the repair and servicing of your Volkswagon (VW) vehicle. We are a boutique independent European car workshop in Hornsby, servicing Sydney’s VW customers in the Northshore, Northern Districts and Hills District. For advice on the performance of your VW call Autohaus Northshore: (02) 9987 4747 or (02) 9987 1522.

    We Are Your Best Alternative to Dealers

    You can save up to 30% on the dealer’s charges to service or repair your VW without compromising on the quality of labour or parts. In fact, why not take up our offer of a FREE CONSULTATION.

    Technical Expertise in VW Vehicles

    At Autohaus Northshore, we have the factory VAG diagnostic equipment necessary for the correct diagnosis and vehicle computer re-setting. For example, in most late model VW vehicles, this equipment is essential in re-setting your car’s computers, including service reminders.

    You can trust the fully trained technicians at Autohaus Northshore for all your VW repairs in Sydney. The company was established in 1999 and has grown exponentially since then – a vote of confidence from satisfied customers. In addition, the company has just been voted Business Achiever of the Year in Motoring Services.

    Nigel Hook, owner/manager of Autohaus Northshore, has over 30 years’ technical experience in European cars, both in Australia and abroad in USA and UK. His analytical approach and technical experience are working for you on your VW, every day.

    On the workshop floor, we have our award-winning staff, a dynamic team of technicians who are passionate about European cars and who pool their knowledge together to provide you with better cost and time efficiencies in the service and repair of your European car.

    At Autohaus Northshore, we can offer you performance suspension upgrades to enhance your VW vehicle’s handling, using a combination of shock absorbers, suspension springs and sway bars. This upgrade will improve your VW car’s road handling and enhance driver experience.

    Servicing Your New Volkswagen at Autohaus Northshore

    Servicing your new VW at Autohaus Northshore will not void or affect your warranty because we follow the service schedule of the manufacturer and use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

    Maintenance Reduces Unexpected Expenses in VW cars

    In order to maintain your VW at optimal performance and minimize unexpected expensive repairs down the track, we can examine your VW and identify any additional repairs and servicing that will protect your valuable investment. We also carry out a safety inspection at this time.

    We comply with manufacturer’s log book servicing for your VW. In some circumstances, however, it is unnecessary to perform all the recommended servicing items. In these instances, we will explain to you in detail what is recommended, what repairs or replacements we have identified and provide you with the information so YOU can make the choice. For example, the manufacturer may recommend that coolant and brake fluid be replaced “at periodic times”. We have the equipment to test these fluids and gauge whether they do in fact, require replacement. All servicing is carried out to the highest standard and fully documented. Service documents and records are kept for each car on our database.

    We use the latest high-tech equipment and OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s parts) on all repairs and service to give you total peace of mind when it comes to quality and reliability. In addition, as a Audi service customer you are entitled to a risk-free 12 month guarantee on all replacement parts.

    Your Peace of Mind

    We use the latest high-tech equipment and OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s parts) on all repairs and service to give you total peace of mind when it comes to quality and reliability. In addition, as a VW service customer you are entitled to a risk-free 12 month guarantee on all replacement parts.

    We aim to please because our goal is to build long-term relationships with our VW customers. We listen and advise you on options you can take to maintain, repair and service your VW, when it suits you. Your authorisation is required before any work proceeds on your VW and we provide you with progress reports along the way to avoid any nasty surprises. Your invoice will reflect your quote fairly.

    Volkswagen Schedule

    The Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda service schedules are the same, as they share the same mechanical and chassis platforms. They work on mileage and time with set criteria; below is a snapshot of the manufacturer’s approach.

    Time & Mileage Schedule

    • 15,000 km or 1 year (minor service)
    • 30,000 km or 2 years (intermediate service)
    • 45,000 km or 3 years (minor service)
    • 60,000 km or 4 years (first major service)
    • 75,000 km or 5 years (minor service)
    • 90,000 km or 6 years (intermediate service)
    • 105,000 km or 7 years (minor service)
    • 120,000 km or 8 years (second major service)

    Scope of Work

    • Brake fluid replacement is scheduled every two years.
    • Basic service and air filter replacement
    • Major service: All filters and spark plugs to be replaced as well as a transmission service.
    • Major service. Air and cabin filters to be replaced. Platinum-tipped spark plugs are to be replaced, depending on models.Major service. Depending on models, this service generally requires all filters and spark plugs to be replaced as well as a transmission service. The key component of this service is the *timing belt replacement, which includes replacement of the timing belt, all pulleys and water pump replacement

    *Timing/toothed belts: There are some variations to this depending on the model. Some later model Volkswagen engines do not have camshaft belts but they have toothed belts for the fuel pump and other auxiliary pumps. These are changed at 120,000km. Engines with timing chains have no set replacement interval.

    • We can provide you with genuine Volkswagen (VW) parts or offer OEM parts (Original Manufacturers Equipment) under warranty, at competitive prices. Unlike dealers, we are not restricted to one supplier, which provides you with flexibility, choice and value for money. All new parts replaced carry a twelve-months/20,000km warranty.
    • At Autohaus Northshore, we use FUCHS lubricants which comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Due to the high quality of the FUCHs products, they are often used by leading manufacturers as original equipment.
    • As part of our Audi, Volkswagen (VW) or Skoda servicing criteria, we use specific diagnostic equipment to reset your service reminder and your vehicle computers. We also check for any electronic faults logged in the computers of your vehicle, evaluate them and report them to you. Please see our Tech Pages for helpful information and service tips.
    • By having your car serviced at Autohaus Northshore , you will NOT void your Volkswagen (VW) Statutory Warranty. We can service your car from the first service or any subsequent service, without jeopardizing your Manufacturer’s Warranty. We will make sure that any problem with your car that could potentially be covered by warranty, is brought to your attention and advise you on the best strategy to have it repaired under warranty through the Audi, Volkswagen (VW) or Skoda dealerships. We offer an End of Warranty inspection for our customers so they may take advantage of any work that could be carried out within the warranty period. Information provided here is only a summary, there are always variations based on the year and model of your car. The information is based on our experience and shared here to provide the owner with a general understanding of his/her vehicle. Your owner’s manual has a comprehensive description of your individual vehicle’s requirement. For Audi Car Service, please Call us on (02) 9987 1522 or Enquire via Email
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