Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have loan vehicles and what do they cost ?

We are happy to supply clients with loan vehicles at a nominal fee of $22 p/day plus petrol. We charge for the loan vehicles to avoid adding ‘hidden costs’ in your bill if you don’t use the facility.

Do you only work on European cars ?

Our area of expertise is European cars but many of our clients have multiple cars with one member of the family with a European car and another member with an Asian or domestic car. We aim to look after our client’s family and provide a one-stop shop.

How can I be sure I'll be charged what was estimated ?

We stick to our estimates and if we discover any unforseen problem, we will contact you immediately and explain what we’ve discovered and what it will cost, before progressing with the work. We also try to provide options on fixing the problem, so you are in control of your budget. We always obtain your authorisation before proceeding with any work that was not previously discussed.

How do I get to you ?

We are located in the heart of Hornsby, opposite Westfield Shopping Centre, on Hunter Street, a 2 minute walk away. We are easy to get to by public transport, as we are a 5 minutes’ walk from Hornsby bus and train station. Click here to see map

How much do you charge for a service ?

We’re happy to give an estimate over the phone as long as you can provide us with specific information, as all manufacturers have different service schedules. We’ll ask you what car you have, what the model and year is and what mileage you’ve done. That way, we can be accurate in the information we provide you.

How will I know what the repair to my car will cost, if I'm not sure what is wrong with it ?

We welcome your phone call but diagnosing over the phone is extremely difficult, especially with modern vehicles. However, we understand that you need some assurance and so we ask you to call and book your car in for an initial consultation, so that we can see and hear what the car is doing. We do not charge you for this initial consultation.

How will I know when my car is ready ?

We will call you on your mobile, home phone or work phone to let you know when your car is ready. We can also email or text you, if that’s preferred.

Is there an early drop off and late pick up facility ?

We have an ‘early bird’ and late pick up facility which many of our clients use when booking in their cars, to take the stress out of the commute from work, home and school.

Will my new car warranty be affected by bringing it to Autohaus Northshore ?

No. Whilst vehicles are under new car warranty, we will follow the manufacturer’s servicing schedule and use OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) parts.

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