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Mercedes Benz Service Schedule

Late model Mercedes-Benz service schedules can be confusing to customers because there are up to seven service schedules available (from A to G) and it is not always obvious what is required or what is included in a service. However, with our knowledge and experience in servicing and repairing Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we can work out what is required and provide you with an estimate of the work needed.

Snapshot of the Mercedes Benz Service Schedule

Schedule is depending on the model and year of the vehicle

Time & Mileage Schedule

  • 15,000 km or 12 months
  • 20,000 km or 12 months
  • 60,000 km or 3-4 years
  • 90-100,000 km or 5 years
  • Every two years

Time & Mileage Schedule

  • Basic service
  • Basic service
  • Major service. This service generally requires a transmission service.
  • Major service. This latter service generally requires spark plugs and fuel filter replacement.
  • Brake fluid replacement.

For low mileage vehicles, we are happy to discuss your service options. However, whilst your vehicle is under warranty, we will follow the service schedule as described by Mercedes-Benz to ensure your warranty is not voided. After that, we consider all aspects of the vehicle's age and mileage and make recommendations based on that.

Older model Mercedes-Benz vehicles which do not have service reminders are similar, following the 15,000km or 12 month schedule. They generally have a major service every 60,000kms or four years.

Genuine Parts

We can provide you with genuine Mercedes-Benz parts for your vehicle. We can also offer OEM parts (Original Manufacturers Equipment) under warranty, at competitive prices. We are not restricted to one supplier, as dealers are. This provides you with flexibility, choice and value for money. All new parts replaced carry a twelve-months/20,000km warranty.

Oils & Fluids

At Autohaus Northshore, we use FUCHS lubricants which comply with the manufacturer's recommendations. Fuchs actually produces oils for Mercedes-Benz.

Specialised Equipment

As part of our Mercedes-Benz servicing criteria, we use specific diagnostic equipment to reset your service reminder and your vehicle computers. We also check for any electronic faults logged in the computers of your car, evaluate them and report them to you.

Please see our Tech Pages for helpful information and service tips.

Service Warranty

By having your car serviced at Autohaus Northshore , you will NOT void your Mercedes-Benz's Statutory Warranty. We can service your car from the first service or any subsequent service, without jeopardizing your Manufacturer's Warranty.

We will make sure that any problem with your car that could potentially be covered by warranty, is brought to your attention and advise you on the best strategy to have it repaired under warranty through the Mercedes Benz Dealership.

We offer an End of Warranty inspection for our customers so they may take advantage of any work that could be carried out within the warranty period.

Information provided here is only a summary, there are always variations based on the year and model of your car. The information is based on our experience and shared here to provide the owner with a general understanding of his/her vehicle. Your owner's manual has a comprehensive description of your individual vehicle's requirement.

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