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Our Mercedes Benz Service

Award-winning, independent European car workshop

Welcome Drivers

Autohaus Northshore has been servicing a wide range of late and older model Mercedes Benz cars since 1999. We can provide you with the expert technical advise you need for efficient repairs and servicing, across the range, from commercial vehicles to privately owned family vehicles.

We are an award-winning, independent European car workshop, offering European quality repairs and servicing to our customers in the Northshore, Northern Districts and Hills District.

"Nigel and Rohan from Autohaus Northshore serviced and repaired my Mercedes-Benz after I'd taken it to two other mechanics including a dealer with problems. They sorted it out all my problems first time for a more than reasonable price. I'll be back."
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We are Your Best Alternative to Dealers

If you love your car & want to receive a European car service without the dealer price, then Autohaus Northshore is your solution. By comparison to dealers, Autohaus Northshore can save you up to 30% on the service and repair bill.

How Is This Possible?

No overheads

We only re-invest in our technical equipment and training.

Boutique service

We examine your vehicle and listen to you describe your driving needs.

We repair

We shun the "replacement mentality" of dealers - we aim to repair components.

Benefit of choice

We pass on the benefit of choice in spare parts.

Dealers have expensive overheads: real estate, lots of staff and glass and steel showrooms, which you pay for when you book in your car to dealer workshops. At Autohaus Northshore, we don't have those overheads, the premises are simple, the workshop is functional and we only re-invest in our technical equipment and training.

Our approach is tailored to suit you our Mercedes Benz customers. That is, we will examine your vehicle, listen to you describe your driving needs and provide advice on repairing or servicing your Mercedes Benz based on our conversation, not based on a formula prepared for the public. We call it "boutique service".

We shun the "replacement mentality" of dealers - we aim to repair components. Our number one priority is to benefit our Mercedes Benz customers. Therefore, maintaining the safety and reliability of your Mercedes is paramount but at Autohaus Northshore, you can achieve this at a fraction of the dealer's cost.

We pass on the benefit of choice in spare parts. Unlike dealers, we are not bound to one spare parts supplier. We are able to source genuine Mercedes parts from suppliers across Australia and internationally to ensure we acquire quality parts at the best possible price for our customer.

For all Mercedes Benz Car Service Pricing, please Call us on (02) 9987 1522 or

Best Value

Save you up to 30% on the service and repair bill


Our trained professionals are using the latest equipment and service technology

OEM Parts Guarantee

Risk-free 12 month guarantee on all replacement parts

Customer Care

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers

Technical Expertise in Mercedes Benz vehicles

The technicians at Autohaus Northshore are trained professionals, using the latest technology for your Mercedes repairs in Sydney. The company was established in 1999 and has grown exponentially since then referrals, referrals, referrals.

The owner/manager of Autohaus Northshore, Nigel Hook, has over 26 years' technical experience in European cars, both in Australia and abroad in the USA and the UK. His analytical approach and 26 years' technical experience are working for you on your Mercedes, when your car is in our workshop. He runs a tight ship, leading a young, dynamic team of technicians, who like him, are passionate about Mercedes Benz cars. In addition, when you pick up your Mercedes from our workshop, you will be speaking directly to the owner about your vehicle there are no layers of bureaucracy at Autohaus.

For example: Autohaus Northshore can offer performance suspension upgrades to enhance your Mercedes' handling, using a combination of shock absorbers, suspension springs and sway bars. You will find an improvement in road handling and an enhancement in your driving experience.

Servicing your new Mercedes at Autohaus Northshore

Will not void or affect your warranty

Your Peace of Mind

In order to give you total peace of mind, we use the latest high-tech equipment and OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer's parts) on all repairs and service. In addition, as a Mercedes service customer you are entitled to a risk-free 12 month guarantee on all replacement parts.

  • We aim to please. We listen and advise you on options you can take to maintain, repair and service your Mercedes, when it suits you.
  • Your authorisation is required before any work proceeds on your Mercedes and we provide you with progress reports along the way to avoid any nasty surprises. Your invoice will reflect your quote fairly. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our Mercedes customers.
  • At Autohaus Northshore, it's our aim to fix your Mercedes Benz first time, on time, as quoted.

Mercedes Benz Specialised Service Enquiry

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